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The aim of BUET Entrepreneurship Development Club is to develop entrepreneurial mindset among the students of BUET. A platform that focuses on unleashing the potential of the young innovators of our campus while nurturing entrepreneurial spirit in them.



Unleashing the potential of awesomely talented young people to be entrepreneurs.


Guiding and helping young minds to explore new things, take risks and utilize their creative minds.


Connecting and bringing all the diversified minds together for the greater good.

what do we do ?

Entrepreneurship and Development Club is a learning organization of BUET where we work together to develop entrepreneurial mindset among the students of BUET focusing on nurturing the leadership and communication skills of the students through which the future leaders comes out of this platform.


We organize events and club activities which are solely dedicated to embellish the students with necessary learning opportunities and skills. Until now, we have organized 14 business case competitions such as PIONEROS– one of the biggest events of our campus, an inter-university case solving competition for students. We also organize the Hult Prize Competition.

Apart from that,

we arrange “Entrepreneurship Talks” and many other innovative programs for students which help gaining insights and information about tech entrepreneurship. We not only target individual growth of entrepreneurial mindset but also focus on guiding the startups of BUET and also help to connect them with BUETian entrepreneurs.

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The New Normal

Quarantined life has taken a toll on all of us.
Life has become different than it was before one year.

But we haven’t stop our events and activities. Embracing the new normal, we have been organizing different online workshops, competitions and talks that helping the young minds of our campus doing what they love.

So far, we have organized
100 +
250 +

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